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About Us

Rockape is a contemporary apparel brand focusing on high quality, uniquely styled and detailed products for the underground miner anywhere around the world.

Rockape was born from an idea to have a clothing brand that was ours.

One that was stylish, distinctive and modern.

Something we could call our own.


Our Story


Rockape n Slang   someone that works underground in the hard rock mining industry.

For many years the laborious work of extracting minerals from underground has been known generally as an unskilled task. Well that is no longer the case.

Underground mining as such has become a profession in many parts of the world.
The men and women that have carried out this task have been referred to as Rockapes.
We are here to embrace both the professionalism and pride of being a Rockape by introducing our own clothing line.

We work hard in hi vis all day, so why not play hard in our own brand.

Being a Rockape is not something to be ashamed of but rather embraced.

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